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Artra Official Now?

What are the advantages of owning a property, like Artra, which is near to the MRT Station and short traveling time to the City and other commercial areas? How does the Additional Buyer Stamp Duty that had already helped many buyers throughout the years? What do you think will be Singapore property markets in the next 3 to 5 years? What is the benefit of the recent adjustment of the Seller Stamp Duty?

Let’s us review a simple market analysis on why should you be owning a property in Singapore?

Property price will rise when demand rises and supply falls.

What will be the selling price for Arta in 5 years to 10 years?

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Overall property price for Singapore private residential (non-landed) has seen a climb of 68% from 2006 to 2016.

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New highs always higher than previous highs. New lows always higher than previous lows.




A large amount of land supply to cope with the housing shortage for the proposed 6.9 million population by 2030.

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A decline in numbers on the private residential housing pipeline after 2017 onwards.

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What will you be expecting to see, with a decline in the private property housing supply versus a projected population increase?

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