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Let’s us get a more in-depth understanding of the design concept for Artra.

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ARTRA – Art of Creating Time. Being located close to popular attractions, parks, food places, shopping havens etc, one not only purchase a home when they buy Artra. Buying Artra means you buy time too, as unnecessary time wasted on traveling etc can now be better used to spend with your love ones


Artra Factsheet

Developer of Artra is FEC Skyline Pte Ltd

Tenure : 99 Years Leasehold

Site Area : 8,398.50 sqm

Car Park Lots : 320 Residential Lots + 18 Commercial Lots + 10 Childcare Centre Lots + 5 Accessible Lots
No. of Lift : 6 Residential Lift + 1 Private Lift + 2 Podium Lift

No. of Units : 400 Residential Units, 1 Supermarket & 16 Commercial Units
Type A1 ( 76 Units) : 2-Bedroom + Study
Type A2 (114 Units) : 2-Bedroom + Study [Show Unit]
Type B1 ( 38 Units) : 3-Bedroom
Type B2 ( 38 Units) : 3-Bedroom
Type B3 ( 32 Units) : 3-Bedroom
Type C1 ( 26 Units) : 3-Bedroom + Study
Type C2 ( 38 Units) : 3-Bedroom + Study
Type D ( 32 Units) : 3-Bedroom + Study + Private Lift Lobby [Show Unit]
Type E ( 6 Units) : 5-Bedroom + Family + Private Lift Lobby

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Description of type categories for Artra

TYPE A (A1, A2) – ATTRACTIVE: Due to low quantum and investability.

TYPE B (B1, B2, B3) – BALANCED: Units has almost everything you need, and yet the price is still on the affordable end.

TYPE C (C1, C2) – CORNER: ALL 3 + S units are located on the corner. Stack 08 (C2) considered one of the best stacks due to single loading

TYPE D (D) – DELUXE: Also remembered as a CORNER unit due to it’s 3 + S configuration, this unit type is considered a DELUXE as it comes

TYPE E (E) – EXECUTIVE: 5 + Family + Private Lift. Considered as a penthouse equivalent status, this is the most luxurious unit one can dream
to own.

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Fridge, Washer cum Dryer, Air Con, Wardrobe (inclusive lights inside the wardrobe), Toilet Fittings (inclusive lights around the vanity area), Kitchen Fittings (inclusive lights around the cabinet area), Flooring, Doors, Digital Lock for Main Door. DB and Shoe Cabinet provided for ALL units.
Additional Storage provided for TYPE B and above.

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1st unit starts from Level 5 (almost equivalent to 8 storey in other apartments. Approx 18m from ground. All units are N-S facing. 25th
Storey clears the HDB (Sea View available)
6 communal lifts to serve 11 units per floor. The common refuse area outside near to Stack 08 unit.

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Reputable brands in Artra

Appliances: SMEG
Kitchen Fittings: Hansgrohe, Franke
Toilet Fittings: Grohe, Duravit
Air Conditioning: Daikin

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Flooring and Ceiling height

TYPE A: FULL Homogenous
TYPE B and above: Homogenous with Timber in bedrooms
Floor to Ceiling: 2.9m

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